Well Google has announced they are getting into the TV biz with their new Google TV device. The gadget will be similar to Apple TV. You’ll be able to search for videos online, watch TV programming on demand, and surf the web. The remote will be as advanced as the top box with voice commands. You will also be able to use an iPhone app, Android app or Logitec Harmony remotes. The box top uses an Intel Atom processor and according to PC World will be “the size of a thin hardcover book with HDMI in (for your cable connection) and HDMI out (for your TV). There‚Äôs also a SPDIF connector, two ports for IR blasters, a couple of USB ports for accessories such as game controllers, Wi-Fi.” PC World’s Harry McCracken is guessing the cost will be $200. Some TVs in the near future will have it built in as a feature.

Gadget and Google fans start drooling.

So what is new and innovative about it? Well I will let Google tell you since they can explain it better, but in a nutshell it will be really easy to find content, bookmark it and watch it whenever you want. So basically Google is taking what they are good at, search and bring it to your TV.

This is my guess, but I am thinking that advertising for certain programs will be user centric, so if you’re a young healthy guy you might not have to watch Viagra and Tampon commercials anymore, only beer commercials, cars and junk food? That would sure be nice. And finally I might be able to watch CNN without getting AARP commercials stuck in my head. I like news, does that make me old?

With the WIFI you’ll likely be able to watch videos from your computer and play music as well. That will be nice too.

Google has been slowly creeping into our lives, wooing us with new tech and promising of a brighter future. You almost get that feeling like they’re the “Visitors” from V and are secretly plotting to take over the world. Nah, they just want our money.

One more thing. If your in Canada like me, you’ll have to ask Santa for one next year since Canada will be a year behind. I can wait, by then they will have the next generation with more features anyway.

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